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1. Identify Where You'll Take Your Extra Things
Before you decide what you need to give away, decide where it will go. Make a list: friends, relatives, charities or an auction. Designate a space for each pile; then start putting the items next to the receivers.

2.Asses Your New Home
Obtain a blueprint or layout of your new home and find out exactly the size of each room. Then decide which large pieces of furniture can move with you. Measure each piece of furniture to be sure it will fit into your new home.

3.Go Through Each Room & Ask Questions
First start with the areas of your home that you don’t use much,       such as the attic, basement, or the spare room. It is easier to get       rid of belongings from rooms that are mostly used for storage.

Pack as you go. Slowly make your way through each room. Sort,         pile and pack. Keep items you are donating or giving to friends or         family in one room, or area of the house, preferably somewhere           that you do not go very often. Get these items out of your reach             as soon as possible. It’s so easy to change your mind and start             pulling from the piles.

As you go, ask yourself some questions about each item:
1. Do I own another item that can serve the same purpose as this         one?
2. Is this something I love? Does it have sentimental value?
3. Is it in good shape? Will it last for a long time?
4. Do I know someone else that would benefit more from its use?

4.Be Kind To The One Moving
Remember moving is not easy. It presents a significant change that is both physically exhausting and, in most cases, emotionally draining. Remind yourself that the goal is not to get rid of everything you hold dear, but to simply your life. If you can’t decide on an item, remember it can go into storage until you are ready.

There are many life-altering events that cause one to want to find a home with less space. Regardless of the reason, our team at Neighborhood Realty can assist you during the process to make it a smooth transition. We can also help you find the right home to fit your needs. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin to consider downsizing:
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Tips For Downsizing
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